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The Maldo Cryptocurrency (MLD)

What is the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD)? The Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) is the official currency of Maldorini Technologies LLC. It is a customized ERC20 token that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain network. Continue reading below to get detailed education and information on the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD).

Blockchain Network

The MLD is powered by the Ethereum blockchain network. It is designed and customized with the Ethereum ERC20 technology. Originally, the MLD was supposed to be powered by the Maldorini blockchain network but due to some business and economical restructuring within the Maldorini Technologies LLC, we have decided to run the MLD on the Ethereum blockchain network for now. The Maldorini blockchain network will be launched in the near future.

Maldo Token (MLD) Road Map

The table below displays the road map of the Maldo Token (MLD)

Phase 1
Maldo TOKEN (MLD) Platform Build.
Development and Social Media Establishment
Phase 2
Maldorini Community
Building the Maldo Community
Phase 3
Liquidity Pool
Create Liquidity Pool and Launch on Uniswap
Phase 4
Pre-Sale and Airdrop
Start Pre-Sale Campaign
Airdrop to all our Community Members
Phase 5
Marketing and Utility
CEX Listings (Exchange Platforms Listing)

Total Supply and Specification

The total supply of the Maldo cryptocurrency is 3,500,000,000 MLD. It is fixed and cannot be further minted. The MLD is customized with the burn feature thus making it burnable should there be a need to burn excess MLD in case of an overflow. The MLD contains all basic and advanced cryptocurrency features with many additional custom features that would make it more accessible and secure.

Maldo Token (MLD) Tokenomics

The table below displays the Tokenomics of the Maldo Token (MLD)

Token Name
Token Symbol
Ethereum (ERC-20)
Total Supply
Pre-Sale Launch Date
1st February 2024

Official Launch and Mainnet

At this moment, the MLD is already live on the Ethereum blockchain Mainnet, however you cannot use the MLD for commercial and utility purposes until its official launch. The MLD will officially be launched on the 1st of March 2024. After which, all MLD holders can use their tokens for commercial and utility purposes. The Maldorini cryptocurrency wallet will be launched before the official launch of the MLD. The MLD will be supported by the Maldorini cryptocurrency wallet and many other major cryptocurrency wallets.

Ownership and Control

For now, the entire volume of the MLD is owned by Maldorini Technologies LLC until the official launch of the token. After the official launch of the MLD and the completion of the KYC process, a large percentage of the MLD will be distributed and airdroped to the Maldorini community members, and what is left will be sold and added to the liquidity of the MLD token to further increase its value. After the distribution and sales of the MLD, the ownership and control of the MLD will be solely at the hands of the individual MLD holders. Continue reading to get more details on the MLD distribution and sales below.

Distribution and Pre-Sales

The distribution and airdrop of the MLD will be in two phases. First, the distribution to the Maldorini Network app users. Second, the distribution to the Maldorini community app users. After the official launch of the MLD, all Maldorini community members that have successfully completed their KYC process will receive the complete MLD that they’ve earned through the Maldorini Network app directly in their Maldorini cryptocurrency wallet. Before this time, the Maldorini cryptocurrency wallet would have been launched into the Google Playstore and the Apple Appstore.

After the launch of the Maldorini Community app, users and members of the Maldorini community can earn MLD daily by performing some easy and effortless task with their accounts on the Maldorini Community app. You can visit the Upcoming Products page to know more about the Maldorini Technologies LLC upcoming products including the Maldo cryptocurrency wallet and the Maldorini Community app.

A small percentage of the MLD will be sold to the public and the income from this sale will be added to the liquidity of the MLD in order to further increase the value of the MLD. The MLD will be open for sale within the second quarter of 2024.

Current Value

Just like Bitcoin in 2008, the MLD is worth approximately 0 dollar ($0) as of this moment. Like all major cryptocurrencies, the value of the MLD will be backed by its utility and liquidity. Maldorini Technologies LLC is in the process of building many products and systems of high demand that will increase the world wide utility and liquidity of the MLD. Visit the Upcoming Products page and the Maldorini Whitepaper page to get more details on how Maldorini Technologies LLC intends to constanly increase the value of the MLD. It is our goal to make MLD the most used cryptocurrency in the world.

It has been estimated by several financial analysts that the MLD will be worth between $0.001 to $10 on the launch date (March 1st 2024).

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