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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to recurring questions about Maldorini Technologies. Contact the Maldorini support team by filling out the support form on the "support" page if the answer to your question(s) is not on this page.

What is Maldorini Technologies?

Maldorini Technologies is a registered Canadian and Nigerian company that is primarily focused on using the web3 technology to make life better and easier for everyone. Maldorini Technologies was founded by P. S. Xavier and others in the early part of 2022, with the purpose of creating accessible and affordable technological solutions to most of the basic problems in today’s world.

What is The Maldomax token (MDX)?

The Maldomax token (MDX) is the official currency of Maldorini Technologies. The Maldomax token (MDX) is a customized BEP20 token that is powered by the Binance blockchain network. You can visit the Maldomax (MDX) page to know all about the Maldomax token (MDX).

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority. It is designed to work as a medium of exchange through a computer network that is not reliant on any central authority, such as a government or bank, to uphold or maintain it.

Who controls the MDX?

The entire volume of the MDX is owned by Maldorini Technologies until the official launch of the token. After the official launch of the MDX and the completion of the Maldorini Network KYC process, a large percentage of the MDX will be distributed and airdroped to the Maldorini community members. After the distribution of the MDX, the ownership of the MDX will be solely at the control of the individual MDX holders.

What is KYC?

KYC or Know Your Client is a mandatory verification process for all Maldorini Network app users before they can be given complete access and control over their earned MDX. This process is to verify the authenticity of the user and to make sure that the Maldorini network and community is free from fake users and accounts.

Do I need to use my Accurate Details when Registering?

Yes. All users and members of the Maldorini community are advised to use their accurate details when registering in order to successfully pass their KYC process. If the details on your account does not match the details on your government issued ID during your KYC process, your account will be terminated and all your earned MDX will be lost.

Is the Maldomax (MDX) free money?

Not exactly. The Maldomax token (MDX) is a long-term project that primarily depends on the continuous and collective contributions of the Maldorini Community members and end users. The Maldomax token (MDX) you earn is the reward of your loyalty and commitment to the Maldorini network and community.

Is the Maldomax token (MDX) a Fraud?

NO it is not. The Maldomax token (MDX) is not a fraud. It is a genuine multi-purpose cryptocurrency that was created by Maldorini Technologies in other to allow a much easier and fluent cryptocurrency access, thus providing a bit of financial security for everyone around the world. With the continuous support and unwavering loyalty of the Maldorini community members, the Maldomax token (MDX) will be a success, thus changing the lives of millions of people for the better on a global scale.

When can I start using the Maldomax token (MDX)?

Holders of the Maldomax token (MDX) can start using it as soon as it is officially launched. The Maldo cryptocurrency will be launched officially on the 10th of July 2024. Note that only users who have successfully completed their KYC process will gain full control and access over their earned MDX. Visit the Road Map page to get more details.

What is the current value of the Maldomax token (MDX)?

Just like Bitcoin in 2008, the MDX is worth approximately 0 dollar ($0) as of this moment. Like all major cryptocurrencies that are powered by the blockchain technology, the value of the MDX will be backed by its utility, liquidity, attention and a lot more. As of now, we are laying the infrastructure for this digital currency and marketplace by distributing the currency, building the community, and developing the technology to ensure its security and efficiency.

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