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Maldorini Technologies LLC, have a number of high demand products that are currently under production. Some of these products include eco-friendly power supply system, social media platforms, online and offline mobile games, mobile communication systems, payment processors and many more. Below are some of the Maldorini Technologies LLC products that will be launched in the near future. You can get the projected launch time frame of these products from our roadmap.

The Maldo Energy

An eco-friendly affordable power supply system

In many countries around the world today, electricity is an expensive and inconsistent service or commodity even with it being one of the most essential basic human necessities. Maldorini Technologies LLC has developed an extremely efficient fix for this problem.

The Maldo Energy is an affordable eco-friendly solar powered electricity generator system which can be effortlessly installed in both residential apartments and business areas. The Maldo Energy system will guarantee a minimum of 20hrs electricity everyday depending on the load and usage. The Maldo Energy system will come in different packages depending on the electricity needs and demand of our users.

Advantages of the Maldo Energy System:

The Maldorini Community App

A social media platform just for Maldorini community members (Maldorinians)

The Maldorini community application is a simple social media platform (website and mobile application) just for the Maldorini community members. In the Maldorini community social platform, Maldorini community members can earn the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) by performing some easy and effortless online tasks. The Maldorini community social platform will allow Maldorini Technologies LLC to directly communicate and pass information to the entire Maldorini community which will be made up of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Verified Maldorini community members can freely communicate with one another and sometimes run free adverts of their legitimate businesses and services to hundreds of millions of other Maldorini community members around the world.

Maldorini Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet

The Maldorini wallet is the primary wallet for holding the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD). It will be used to store, receive and send MLD from one person to another. The Maldorini wallet will also support some other major cryptocurrencies. Basically the Maldorini wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that makes it possible for users to carry out cryptocurrency transactions effortlessly and more efficiently. As it is clearly stated on our road map, the Maldorini Wallet is projected to be launched within the first quarter of 2024.

The Kurddle Platform

A global social media platform

The Kurddle platform is a general online social media platform (website and mobile application) created and owned by Maldorini Technologies LLC. This social media platform will allow billions of genuine users from around the world to meet, make friends and interact with one another. One of the biggest problems facing social media platforms today is the authenticity of users. There are many fake profiles in most social media platforms today. Kurddle comes with a solution to the above mentioned problem. The Kurddle social medial platform is built with a sophisticated and detailed location and identification system that detects the actual location and identification of any user on the Kurddle network. The location system is built to nullify the effects of all VPN in a case whereby a user is using a VPN to mask his or her location.

The Maldolink

A business social media platform

The Maldolink platform is an online business social media platform created and owned by Maldorini Technologies LLC. In this platform, hundreds of millions of users from around the world can interact with themselves on business issues. Users can get job opportunities, employers can get qualified employees, business owners can publicize their businesses to their local Maldolink networks and much more. The Maldolink platform creates a safe and secure environment where idealists can officially meet with investors to fund their projects and make profits. In this regard, the Maldolink stands as a mediator between the idealist and the investor in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly and legally both on the side of the idealist and the investor.

The Maldoverse

A global online gaming universe

The Maldoverse is an online gaming universe created and owned by the Maldorini Technologies LLC. Picture yourself playing hundreds or thousands of online games with millions of people around the world in real time. In the Maldoverse, users can play multi player games with other users from different geographical locations in real-time. While most of the games are free, some are paid and there are also some in-game purchases that can only be made using the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD). Gamers can also interact with each other on the Maldoverse. The Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) is the only currency that is accepted on the Maldoverse.


A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and trade platform

The Maldotrade is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform created and owned by the Maldorini Technologies LLC. A platform where millions of completely verified people from all over the world can trade and exchange various cryptocurrencies. Some of the major advantages of the Maldotrade over other exchange platforms are Low transaction charges, Fast transaction speed, Safe and secure transactions, versatility and many more.


A payment processor/gateway

The Maldoswitch is a payment processor/payment gateway created and owned by the Maldorini Technologies LLC. With the Maldoswitch, millions of users around the world can make purchases, send and receive payments across different geographical locations without restrictions. Developers can integrate the Maldoswitch APIs and SDKs into their various projects to make and receive payments. Users can convert cryptocurrencies to their local currencies in geographical locations where cryptocurrencies are completely accepted.

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