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The Maldorini Community is a global community that is made up of loyal supporters of Maldorini Technologies LLC. At this moment, there are over 2,000,000 Maldorini community members (Maldorinians) from over 150 countries around the world. As it had been mentioned earlier, it is our vision and mission to create a world where everyone has unlimited and affordable access to the basic modern technologies they need to carry out their daily activities thus making the world a much safer, better and enjoyable place through advanced and modern technology. In our mission to make life better and enjoyable for everyone, what better place to start other than our own community and global family?

Purpose of The Maldorini Community

What is the purpose of the Maldorini Community? The primary purpose of the Maldorini Community is to build a global family with a single goal to make life easier and to make the world a safer and better place. We have previously made it known to the world that it is our goal to directly or indirectly create over 200,000,000 job opportunities around the world within 2027 and 2030. The Maldorini Community is a global family, a safe community where members from all parts of the world can come together and relate with one another. As it is stated above, currently, the Maldorini community has over 2,000,000 members from over 150 countries. It is our goal to grow the Maldorini Community to over 300,000,000 members within the next few years.

Benefits of being part of the Maldorini Community

The Maldorini community members (Maldorinians) have a lot to benefit from the Maldorini Community. All job opportunities that would be created by Maldorini Technologies LLC will be occupied by Maldorini community members. All Maldorini Technologies LLC paid products will be available to Maldorini community members with significant discounts. Maldorini community members have the opportunity to regularly earn the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) just by performing some easy and effortless online tasks. These are just a few benefits of being a part of the Maldorini Community.

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