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Maldo (MLD) Presale

The Maldo Presale is here... MLD Presale Date: May 25th - June 8th 2024. The MLD Presale will run for 15 day only. Get ready for the Maldo Token (MLD) presale. It is an opportunity of a lifetime. 🦾Let's Go MaldoriniansRead More...


AdsMaldorini (Maldorini Advert Platform)

Reach over 35 million people worldwide. AdsMaldorini is an affordable, effective and reliable worldwide advertisement platform. We bring your products and services to millions of people in over 175 countries around the world. Visit: to get started.Read More...


The Maldo Token Airdrop

The Maldo Token (MLD) will be airdropped and officially launched on the 10th of June 2024. All Maldorini Network app users who have successfully completed their KYC process will receive their complete MLD tokens on this date. Let's Go Maldorinians...Read More...


The Maldorini Network KYC is Ongoing

The Maldorini Network KYC portal is now open. Update your Maldorini Network app to the latest version and start your KYC process from the KYC page on your app. You can also start your KYC process from the KYC page on the official Maldorini website. You are advised to carefully read through the KYC instructions before starting your KYC process.Read More...


New App Update

Visit Google Playstore and Apple Appstore to download or update your app to the latest version of the Maldorini Network application (version 1.2.5). It is faster and more efficient. You can also start your KYC process from the KYC page on the new app version.Read More...


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