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The Idea Behind Maldorini Technologies LLC

Maldorini Whitepaper

It is important that you understand the ideology and philosophy behind Maldorini Technologies LLC. Read through the Maldorini Technologies LLC whitepaper below to get a detailed understanding of what Maldorini Technologies LLC is all about. See how Maldorini Technologies LLC intends to make life better and enjoyable for billions of people all around the world. Get a vivid picture of why the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) will be the most used cryptocurrency in the near future.

Our Primary Goal

It is our primary goal to make life more comfortable, easier, safer, enjoyable and better with modern technology for as much people as we can all over the world. Imagine a world where everyone has unlimited and affordable access to the basic technologies they need to carry out their daily activities. Over 85% of the world’s population either lack access to most of the basic necessities of life or a means to acquire them. Some of these basic needs includes electricity, job opportunities, affordable communication, secure business transactions and more. Maldorini Technologies LLC aims to provide an efficient and permanent solution to these problems.

How We Intend to Achieve Our Goals

A brief breakdown of our plans

How does Maldorini Technologies LLC intend to achieve this huge goal? First, we build a global community of like minded people with the common goal of making profit, saving humanity and making the world a much better place. Next, we create a decentralized cryptocurrency to serve as a unifying agent and more for our community and the rest of the world. After the completion of these two steps, Maldorini Technologies LLC will launch several high-tech products of very high demand into the global market. These products will generate profit, create job opportunities, constantly increase the value of the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) and most importantly create affordable access to most of the basic needs and necessities of life for millions or even billions of people around the world. Visit our Road Map page and our Upcoming Products page to get more details. In the pursuit to make life better for as many people as possible around the world, the Maldorini Technologies LLC board have decided to annually donate 25% of the total profit generated by Maldorini Technologies LLC towards various charitable pursuit around the world.

Let's Talk About the Maldo Cryptocurrency (MLD)

The Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) was originally designed to be powered by the Maldorini Network (Maldorini blockchain network). Due to some financial and economical restructuring, we’ve decided to kickoff the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) with the Ethereum blockchain network for now. Visit the Maldo (MLD) page to get more details on the Maldo cryptocurrency.

How does Maldorini Technologies LLC intend to constantly increase the value of the Maldo cryptocurrency? The value and worth of legitimate cryptocurrencies mostly depends on its utility and liquidity. In this light, Maldorini Technologies LLC has structured a plan to regularly add a particular percentage of the company’s profit to the liquidity of the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD) thus constantly increasing its value. Now let’s talk about the utility of the MLD. The MLD will be the primary currency for all Maldorini Technologies LLC products. This will constantly attract hundreds of millions of daily transactions with the MLD thus increasing its value.
These are just some of ways Maldorini Technologies LLC intends to constantly increase the value of the Maldo cryptocurrency (MLD).

Updates to the Maldorini Whitepaper

This paper is intended as a vehicle to communicate our vision, ideology, philosophy and plans as we work on realizing the true potential of Maldorini Technologies LLC. All structures and plans described are based on a clear understanding of the methods intended to implement each solution. But as with any project, the specific implementation details will be refined as we actually realize their functionality. To supplement this paper, we may follow soon after its initial release with an update regarding our current solutions, describing the new technologies we've developed, what benefits they provide, and details of their implementation. We may continue to supplement this update, as appropriate for each completed phase of Maldorini Technologies LLC roadmap, in the future.

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