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About Maldorini Technologies

Maldorini Technologies is a registered Canadian and Nigerian company that is primarily focused on using the web3 technology to make life better and easier for everyone. Maldorini Technologies was founded by P. S. Xavier and others in the early part of 2022, with the purpose of creating accessible and affordable technological solutions to most of the basic problems in today’s world.
Maldorini Technologies

Our Upcoming Products

Maldorini Technologies, has a number of high demand products that are currently under production. Some of these products includes an eco-friendly power supply system, a social media platform, a state of the art gaming universe, mobile communication systems, payment processors and many more.
Upcoming Products

The Maldorini Whitepaper

It is important that you understand the ideology behind Maldorini Technologies. Visit the Maldorini whitepaper page with the link below to get a detailed understanding of what Maldorini Technologies is all about. See how Maldorini Technologies intends to make life better and enjoyable for billions of people all around the world. Get a vivid picture of why the Maldomax token (MDX) will be the most used cryptocurrency in the near future.
Maldorini Whitepaper

The Maldomax (MDX)

The Maldomax Token (MDX) is the new and improved replacement of the Maldo token. It is the official currency of Maldorini Technologies. It is a customized BEP20 token that is powered by the Binance blockchain network. With the total supply of the Maldomax Token at just 75,000,000 MDX, it is fixed and cannot be further minted. The Maldomax Token is customized with the burn feature thus making it burnable should there be a need to burn excess MDX in case of an overflow. The MDX contains all basic and advanced cryptocurrency features with many additional custom features that enhances it's accessibility, utility and security.
Maldomax (MDX)

A Message From Our Founder

Greetings to all Maldorinians and potential Maldorinians around the world. It has been a wonderful journey so far and it would not have been possible without you. The love and loyalty you have shown to the Maldorini project has been amazing. Maldorini Technologies has embarked on a life-changing journey that will positively affect billions of people around the world. On our journey to achieving this huge goal, there has and will be some ups and downs. The support of the Maldorini community has and will always keep us going and fighting harder than ever before. We have received many criticisms and attacks from our competitors and other parties. Our drive to succeed has never been stronger. Though the road ahead may be tough and rough, we are determined to achieve our goals and certain not to let you down. Maldorini will make the world a much better place. We urge you all to be patient with us. Your continuous support will go a long way in helping us achieve our collective goals. You can visit our White paper, Road Map and Upcoming Products pages to completely understand how Maldorini Technologies intend to achieve these goals.

P. S. Xavier Founder Maldorini Technologies

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